Dogs On Campus is referring our puppy people to our friends at PAWS-ITIVE PUPPIES! 
Classes in Ajax and Oshawa for puppies 10-16 weeks old.  
Gentle, positive training techniques, lots of puppy playtime and socialization.


Training is communication, it is a essential part to a healthy relationship with your canine companion. 
Using positive reinforcement learn to shape solid foundation skills. 
Conditioned Reinforcers and Use of Rewards, Focus, Impulse Control, Leash Respect, Recalls, Maintaining and Releasing of behaviour.

This class is for dog and puppies over 16 weeks old.

Class Dates:  See the HOME page for upcoming dates

1 hr each week for 6 weeks
Cost $150



Continued learning is essesential for a well mannered and socially accepted canine.  This class will continue to develop, proof and generalize focus, boundries, behaviour and social skills for your canine companion.

Class Dates:  See the HOME page for upcoming dates

1 hr each week for 6 weeks
Cost $150


Obedience is all about working as a team with your dog! You don't want them just following you around you want them to be eager for your next step! Relationship building games, proper ring etiquette and attention skills are all important features of the class in addition to the traditional exercises listed below for both the Pre-Novice title (PCD) or the Novice Title (CD)

Heel on leash
Figure 8 (a heeling exercise)
Stand for examination (on leash)
Heel free (off leash heeling)
Recall (Come when called)
Group exercises - one minute sit and three minute down.

Pre-requisite of Companion Dog - Life Skills or Equivalent.

Class Dates:
Instructor - 
1hr for 6 weeks


Rally Obedience is a great venue that allows you to enjoy your dogs, while training and competing.

It is a sport that combines elements of agility and traditional obedience. The emphasis in Rally is FUN, communicating and encouraging your dog while executing a specific course design of obedience exercises.

This class will teach you to read and successful complete the exercises as well as putting it together to tackle a course. Novice signs will be introduced, as well as more advanced signs and skills will be readily available to challenge those already competing

Dogs should have good loose leash walking or heeling skills.
Have worked previously in a class-like evironment
Have a good understanding of basic sit-down skills

Class Dates-  See our HOME page for upcoming dates

Instructor - 
1 hr for 6 weeks