This class is a introduction to Disc Dogs or Building on Skills for a dog who already enjoys  playing Disc!

Chasing down and bringing back the disc everytime.  Directional Patterns,Throws,Under, Over, On,Building Sequences. Learn some cool freestyle tricks to combine with your disc catches.

Dogs must be a minimum of 10 months old for this class.    Our indoor 'sport' turf provides incredible cushion and support for playing indoors.

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Cost - $150.00
Instructor - 



Enjoy a hour of fun and games. You are sure to impress all with your dogs new repertoire of cool tricks.   Learn the different methods used to teach behaviors and the sky's the limit.  

Class Date:  See the HOME page for upcoming dates

Instructor- Cindy Boht
$150 -  6 weeks



In this class we will work on the early stages of dogs being able to conduct a search and find a specific scent. The training process encourages the dogs to locate a hidden target scent and alert us to its exact whereabouts in the environment.

Please bring a variety of your dogs most loved treats.
A crate ( optional but each dog will work searches one at a time)
A flat 6 foot leash.
A buckle collar.

Also please make sure your dogs haven't eaten before class. They will get plenty of food in class, but we want them to come hungry!

What is nose work?
Check it out!


6 weeks, 1hr/week.
There will be 5 dog maximum per class.

DATES:   See the HOME page for upcoming dates